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Dad Mod
Dad Mod
Dad Mod
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Dad Mod

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This kendama is for all the dama dads out there!

We were inspired by the dama dads (Ben Pycroft and Rylan Dines) dedication to their kids and thought that a dama was in order. The design on top was suppose to be the "Father knot" and the light blue is for men's health/prostate cancer awareness. The combination between blue and purple is also for mental health awareness.

K&R and CJP are their kids' initials. A quote from the dads "Just because we grow up, doesn't mean we have to grow old".

Slay on dama fam!

This kendama features:
- Performer Shape
- The Final Bevel
- Beech Ken
- 61mm Beech Tama
- CREAL Stick OR Grip Paint
- CRATER Balance Hole
- Upsized Kendama Bag
- 2 x 12 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead
- Cereal Kendama Stickers